• AM van den Berg Maatskaplike werker in diens van NG Welsyn, Krugersdorp, Suid-Afrika.
  • ML Weyers Skool vir Psigo-Sosiale Gedragswetenskappe: Vakgroep Maatskaplike Werk, Noordwes-Universiteit (Potchefstroomkampus), Suid-Afrika.




The practical implications of the significant changes in social and welfare policy that occurred from 1994 to 1999, are as yet unknown. This is mainly due to the lack of empirical research data on this issue. This deficiency was partly addressed in a study on the nature of the private welfare sector’s community work services in the North West Province during 2000.The aim of the study was to compile a profile of the Province’s community work services and to utilise this profile in the formulation of guidelines for improved future service delivery.In the study, both community work theory and the South African social and welfare policies were used in the development of a classification framework for community work services. This framework formed the basis of a questionnaire that was sent to all private welfare organisations in the Province. The collected data was analysed and, together with policy dictates, used for the development of guidelines.It was firstly found that there was a discernable move towards targeting policy designated client systems. However, the services did still not fully comply with policy requirements or South Africa’s considerable development needs. Certain deficiencies in the service delivery process were also identified. Therefore, guidelines for addressing both these imbalances and deficiencies were formulated. It was thirdly found that the new classification framework could be constructively used in both further research and in practice.


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