In the case of grievances, any individual may follow the steps outlined in this Appeals and Complaints Policy.


Authors possess the right to appeal a decision made on their submission if they perceive it as unfair. To initiate an appeal, authors are required to submit a letter to the Editor-in-Chief within a week of the decision. This letter should outline the nature of the appeal and provide reasons for deeming the decision unfair.

The Editor-in-Chief will review all relevant documentation related to the submission, may consult the Chair of the editorial board, and has the discretion to appoint a new reviewer to assess the submission before reaching a final decision. The Editor-in-Chief's decision will be conclusive.


For complaints pertaining to the Journal's policies, procedures, or the conduct of editorial staff, individuals should email the details of the complaint to the Editor-in-Chief. The provided details should be confined to the facts of the case.

All complaints routed through the appropriate channel will be acknowledged and thoroughly investigated. The Chair of the editorial board will be notified and will oversee the process. Efforts will be made to promptly and transparently resolve complaints, with updates communicated to complainants as they unfold.