Published articles are expected to endure unaltered and undisturbed. However, under extraordinary circumstances such as plagiarism, the generation of texts solely by artificial intelligence (AI), redundant publication, or data errors, articles may necessitate retraction. Retraction involves the removal or replacement of an article to safeguard the Journal's integrity. The decision to retract will rest with the Editor-in-Chief in consultation with the Chair of the editorial board, though, in instances of flawed data or conclusions, the author/s may instigate the retraction process upon request.

The retraction of an article, whether removed or replaced, will be officially communicated through a retraction notice, which will be published in lieu of the article while retaining the same Digital Object Identifier (DOI). This retraction notice will encompass the (i) title and authors of the article; (ii) the rationale for the retraction; and (iii) specify the entity retracting the article.