The Editor-in-Chief will abstain from considering contributions that are based on or respond to material not yet published or under embargo until it becomes accessible to the appointed reviewers and readers upon publication.


Authors, reviewers, and editorial staff are expected to treat all submitted manuscripts and correspondence with the Editorial Office as confidential.

The identity of authors and reviewers is, under no circumstance, to be divulged to anyone during the peer review process. The identity of reviewers remains confidential after the publication of article.

Media embargoes

From the moment of submission until the online publication or rejection of the manuscript, all manuscripts are deemed to be under a media embargo.  Authors are encouraged to inform the Editorial Office of any impending media reports to facilitate assistance, particularly concerning the publication date. The core findings of an article should not be disclosed in the press before the online article publication, and any media reports arising from a published article must include the full source or a link to the online article.

The contents of any media release and the articles are embargoed until the specified date and time of publication by the Journal.