1. AI-powered content generation tools (which refer to software or applications that utilise artificial intelligence techniques to perform specific tasks or solve problems), like ChatGPT, may be employed to prompt and generate ideas for texts and establish their structure. However, the actual implementation of these ideas in the process of writing must originate from the author themselves.
  1. It is acceptable to utilise generative AI tools to enhance the language and readability of texts. This practice aligns with conventional tools already used to refine spelling and grammar. This approach involves working with pre-existing content crafted by authors, rather than generating entirely novel material. Throughout this process, authors retain responsibility for the originality of their work.
  1. Utilising only a generative AI tool in any text is not considered permissible. This includes generating an abstract, literature review, research findings, discussion, conclusions and recommendations in an article. The application of AI software to assist in the analysis of quantitative or qualitative data remains the sole exception for research reporting (and must be properly referenced). Ultimately, authors bear the responsibility of ensuring the precision, credibility, and authenticity of the written content.