Social Policy for Devlepment. By HALL, Anthony & MIDGLEY, James

  • Antoinette Lombard Univerisyt of Pretoria
Keywords: policy develpment, poverty, livelihood, social policy, povety


Published by AGE 2004.     Reviewed by Antoinette Lombard       Social Policy for Development expands on previous works and provides a fresh, innovative look atsocial policy and its legitimate sphere and role in the development process in the context of theSouth where a more comprehensive, holistic and cross-sector livelihoods analysis is moreappropriate to address long-term issues of poverty and social deprivation. In line with thisargument/premise the book adopts a broader definition of social policy, namely the livelihoodsapproach which incorporates economic, social, environmental and other dimensions that directlyor indirectly affect people's well-being in both foreseen and unforeseen ways. Within this broaderdefinition the goals of social policy emerge as multi-faceted, including poverty alleviation, socialprotection, social inclusion and the promotion of human rights. The authors indicate that alivelihoods approach acknowledges the poor people's strengths and assets for pro-activeparticipation in the development process and they bring together three core principles, namely afocus on people, a holistic approach to analysis and policy prescription, and an emphasis onmacro-micro links.    

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Antoinette Lombard, Univerisyt of Pretoria
Univerisyt of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa
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